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  Faye Whittaker was born and brought up in the north of England, in a pretty little coastal town of Southport.

The Edwardian character of the town was to prove a lasting influence on her work as an artist.


After graduating from art college, Faye moved to the South of France and painted there for 5 idyllic years, tracing the tracks of her favourite impressionists artists, Monet, Cezanne and Picasso.

In fact Faye was fortunate to befriend her nieghbour and mentor Dominque Theovin, who was Picasso's godson.


Coming back to England, she decided to move to the South coast, Brighton, where she loved the cosmopolitan ambiance, the art and architecture of the town.


Armed with portfolios and lessons learnt from her French experience, Faye found she could capture the seafront scenes along the coast with experienced flair, incorporating little children, gayly clad in Edwardian costume. her theme was an instant success in the print world, and soon her images were put on everything from cards, to stitching pieces.


The 'All our Yesterdays' collection had been launched and now is a household name in the licensing industry.


Faye Whittaker is one of the most contemporary artists in Britain today.